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1st Internatioanl Holistic life Secrets

Holistic approach to life

The term “holistic” literally means being whole, and that term represents a comprehensive approach to something. The purpose of holism is physiological, psychological and social balance.

How to practice a more holistic approach to life?

The key thing is not to leave everything to logic, even though we want to at first. The advice is: Don’t turn off your emotions, even if it’s business. A holistic approach, that is, connecting all our wholes, including the BRAIN AND HEART, makes us more aware, satisfied and motivated, and so we succeed in all challenges! It is a true holistic approach to life.

Holism is a comprehensive approach, in which man is seen as a unity of body, soul and spirit. According to the holistic approach to health, the human organism is not a sum of individual parts, but a complex interconnected and interdependent system of life processes. A holistic approach is the key to wholesome life.



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