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Arvin Arena Organization known as RwinEvent is a global scientific and academic learned society for the purpose of disseminating the latest researches. Rwin strives to disseminate the scientific knowledge and research through its conferences. We organize international conferences , with an aim to provide an excellent forum for upcoming young researchers, scientists, professors and other highly affiliated people to share their research in that particular field.

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Publishing opportunities

Publishing opportunities are a key advantage of these scientific and academic events. Our close collaborations with international scientific journals such as Thomson Reuters (ISI), SCOPUS and Google Scholar enable researchers to get their research work recognized and read by a wider audience.


Professional Conference Organizer

We organize professional academic conferences, educational workshops and events. The focus is on gatherings where scholars, researchers, managers and anybody else who is willing to share, learn and expand their knowledge and skill set can easily participate.

Worldwide Platform

We build a platform where all the players in the academic world can bring forward their latest research. Discussions, Q&A, team work, interactive presentations, and real world case studies are elements which make these events ever more practical in terms of addressing and solving world challenges

Experience a knowledge Exchange

No matter where your event is located, we provide city tours so that the participants in your event will have the opportunity to experience a cultural exchange and a chance to interact with other experts in a relaxed, informal setting.

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Why Us?


During our conferences, you will experience a knowledge Exchange between different nationalities and cultures

Our Conferences are organized in cooperation with best universities and scholars

We offer a wide range of publishing opportunities

Our Worldwide Platform offers a best prices for loyal customers

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Our Goal

Rwin encourages scholar researchers to pursue studies and careers in variety of fields. All papers in our conference proceedings will be published by the well-known press and journals. You could always attend the conferences with the sole purpose of listening and observing, the choice is yours.

Financial Report

Our Methods


At Rwin we provide quality, cost-effective educational and networking opportunities for players in academic communities. We offer the higher education link between different countries. We invest into higher education and manage relevant institutes. We give publishing prospect at professional and well known journals.

Team Brainstorm

Our Result


We prepare, promote, arrange, organize, implement and conduct international academic visiting and learning tours in the locations which we hold the conferences at. Our motto at Rwin is quality, satisfaction and expediency.

Benefits of attending to our conferences


  • Submit articles and receive feedback from the most prominent international professors

  • Receive a valid certificate in English to attend a conference, submit a paper or participate in a specialized workshop

  • Publication of articles in international journals

  • Enjoying the scientific privilege of presenting an article to the esteemed faculty members of the country's universities as well as postgraduate students

  • Indexing of all articles in a valid international scientific reference and information

  • Receive an international certificate with the ability to inquire and follow up

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