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Stacked Books

ARVIN ARENA is a community of readers, researchers, reviewers, editors, marketing and sales specialists, administrators, members of the non- and for-profit organizations, academics, and policy makers. We are united by the common belief that knowledge is most impactful when shared without restrictions.

Our Values

We believe that academic research should frame how we carry important conversations forward and, as such, it should incorporate a large variety of perspectives and experiences.

The academic journals by ARVIN ARENA Publishing reflect these values and protect the quality standards by ensuring each article undergoes a double-blind peer review process. All reviews are conducted by researchers and academics in the specific field of the submitted paper and, due to the anonymity of the authors, evaluated based entirely on its merits.

The marketing, sales, and administrative staff of ARVIN ARENA Publishing utilizes the latest digital technologies to continuously increase the reach of the articles published in one of the journals. We are dedicated to being the leading source of high-quality academic research that can be freely accessed, used, and shared by the global community.

Article Processing Charge

The Article Processing Charge (APC) covers the costs associated with processing, reviewing, and distributing the articles submitted on the platform. These costs include the secure hosting, the online tools made available to editors and authors, article publication, indexing services, customer support, etc. This allows us to provide readers with free access to all articles published through one of our publications.

ISSN 2980-0641 (Online) | International journal of new findings in health and educational sciences (IJHES) | The ISSN Portal

International Journal of New Findings in Health and Educational Sciences (IJHES)
issn 2980-0641

ISSN 2980-4043 (Online) | International journal of advanced research in humanities and law | The ISSN Portal

International Journal of Advanced Research in Humanities and Law (IJREL)
ISSN 2980-4043

ISSN 3023-459X (Online) | International journal of modern achievement in science, engineering and technology | The ISSN Porta

International Journal of Modern Achievement in Science,Engineering and Technology
ISSN 3023-459X

ISSN 3023-4964 (Online) | International journal of applied research in management, economics and accounting | The ISSN Portal

International Journal of Applied Research in Management,Economics and Accounting
ISSN 3023-4964

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