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worldwide organizer of scientific conferences, workshops and exhibitions.

Academic events are vital to the cross-border exchange of information that we strongly believe in. They facilitate discussions, allow academics to present their findings to a targeted group of peers, receive feedback, network with fellow researchers, gain new perspectives, and brainstorm creative solutions to common challenges. These conferences are the pulse of the academic body – whether they are regional or global in their scope. Therefore, we offer presenters of such events the opportunity to publish their proceedings and have it accessed by peers outside of the scope of those attending the event.

What Conference Materials We Publish

We publish conference materials in a variety of formats: conference proceedings, conference papers, etc. In addition to the wide distribution of these materials, authors and conference organizers can benefit from our indexing and archiving services.

Every submission undergoes a strict review process. The editorial board of ARVIN ARENA Publishing evaluates each submission based both on its quality and the overall quality of the conference organized as well as its relevance and authenticity.

Why Choose Us for Your Conference Materials

Increase your reach

Reach an audience that goes far beyond your conference attendees. Our marketing specialists distribute all content published  to academics, researchers, and other relevant community members to ensure that the work of your presenters maximizes its potential.

Receive a Digital Object Identifier (DOI)

Each proceedings paper published by Diamond Scientific Publishing receives a Crossref DOI, which allows more readers to find and cite it.

Receive feedback on your research

By first publishing findings through conference proceedings, presenters and researchers have the opportunity to receive feedback that will allow them to further improve/adjust their work, making it easier to publish it in a peer-reviewed journal in the future.

Find collaborators

Presenting your initial research findings through conference proceedings allows researchers to either find collaborators who would be interested in taking the research to the next step or uncover new perspectives that will strengthen the research

Become a part of a larger community

After the hype of a live event is over, many researchers struggle to remain connected to their community of peers. Our publishing services allow researchers to do exactly that – remain connected, remain a part of the conversation, receive and provide feedback, and engage with peers from around the world.

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