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Arvin Arena publishing

Why Choose Us to Publish Your Book

  • Our open access strategy significantly widens the reach of your work and gives you stronger recognition on a global level

  • Our quality assurance system of a double-blind peer review process offers credibility and reliability.

  • We provide support at every stage, working closely with our authors as we review, edit, and promote their work.

  • We make the process as simple as possible, allowing you, our editorial staff, and reviewers to focus on what matters most – the integrity, authenticity, and quality of work.

  • Our dedicated marketing team consistently works on further expanding the reach within a targeted audience of academics, researchers, policy makers, and members of non- and for-profit organizations.

  • We deliver speedy results.

  • We offer fast and reliable customer support services.

Publication Options

  • Publish a book

  • Publish the entire book with ARVIN ARENA Publishing. Get the recognition for your impact on your field of study by maximizing readership through our open access strategy.

  • Publish a chapter

  • Publish a single chapter with ARVIN ARENA Publishing. This is a unique opportunity to contribute to the discourse in your field and collaborate with other experts in your area of research.

Why Choose Open Access

“I have spent years working on my book. Why should readers be able to access it free of charge?” That’s a common questions among authors. It is exactly because of the hard work that authors put in their work that we believe it deserves to be viewed by as many readers as possible. It’s because of the dedication that authors have to their field that we believe they should be able to make a real impact on how the field evolves. The benefits of open access include, but are not limited to:

  • Maximized reach: We do not put restrictions on who can access and share the work published by one of our publications. As long as a user respects the rules of attribution, they are free to distribute this knowledge among their peers. We believe that knowledge should not be caged.

  • Empowered readership: Open access platforms facilitate higher engagement and more rigorous discussions, therefore, increasing the chances of making a real-life policy impact.

  • Higher format flexibility: We accept submissions in a variety of formats: proceedings, handbooks, monographs, chapters and contributed volumes, textbooks, etc. of any length.

  • Quality assurance: An open access platform can make real impact only if it adheres to strict quality assurance requirements. That’s why all submissions undergo a double-blind peer review process by researchers and academics with a proven track record of expertise in the field.

Subject Areas we Cover

We publish books, chapters, textbooks, handbooks, and other formats of academic work in all the major fields, including:

  • Architecture and Design 

  • Arts 

  • Asian and Pacific Studies 

  • Business and Economics 

  • Chemistry 

  • Classical and Ancient Near Eastern Studies 

  • Computer Sciences 

  • Cultural Studies

  • Engineering

  • General Interest

  • Geosciences

  • History

  • Industrial Chemistry

  • Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies

  • Jewish Studies

  • Law 

  • Library and Information Science, Book Studies

  • Life Sciences

  • Linguistics and Semiotics 

  • Literary Studies 

  • Materials Sciences

  • Mathematics

  • Medicine

  • Music

  • Pharmacy

  • Philosophy

  • Physics

  • Social Sciences

  • Sports and Recreation

  • Theology and Religion

Book / Chapter Processing Charge

The Book/Chapter Processing Charge (BPC/CPC) covers the costs associated with processing, reviewing, editing, and distributing the work submitted to one of our publications.  These costs include the secure hosting, the online tools made available to editors and authors, article publication, indexing services, customer support, etc. This allows us to provide readers with free access to all articles published through one of our publications.

All work published by ARVIN ARENA Services is covered by the CC BY 4.0 license, which gives copyrights to the author and prohibits us from deriving further financial revenues from their published work.

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